“Both Natalia and Anna-Maria are experienced and dynamic teachers who deeply understand how to engage young children. My students loved their visits and still talk about the Healthy Me program and what they learned! The topics, from healthy eating choices to brushing your teeth to managing strong emotions, are all taught in ways that young children can understand using props, movement and original music (in English and Spanish!). I love that the Healthy Me program has given us simple but beautiful song
-Transitional Kindergarten teacher 

«I learned Potter the Otter says Drink lots of Water! I liked the Healthy Me song
Transitional Kindergarten Student, Malcolm X Elementary

“Our children are continuously and joyously involved in teacher Natalia’s class. They love it so much. They’ve already learned the songs. They can’t wait to see her. This is one of the first programs we’ve had that is developmentally appropriate for our preschool-aged children. Embedded in the activities is information
about health and fitness that they absorb.”
Susan Torbohn, preschool teacher

“You are very enthusiastic and willing to modify the questions to meet the children’s needs. You are responsive to dual-language learners. It’s very developmentally appropriate, which is refreshing.”
Joni Miller, Special Education preschool teacher

“El programa de música con nuestra maestra Natalia Bernal es excelente. Tiene actividades educacionales variadas con aprendizaje de lenguaje y vocabulario en español y movimientos y música multicultural. Los niños disfrutan y participan tanto como las maestras. [The music program with our teacher Natalia Bernal is excellent. She has a variety of educational activities with language and vocabulary learning in Spanish and multicultural music and movement. The children participate and enjoy it, as well as the teachers.]”
Bilingual preschool teacher

“You are working on bilateral coordination, motor planning, sustained attention to task/activity, rhythmicity, and controlling body movements. Exposure to vestibular input (movement) and proprioceptive input (sensory input to joint and ligaments) both have a lasting effect on the body and brain which increase attention and focus in class
Amanda Noble, MS, OTR/L, S.I.C.
Occupational Therapist, Sensory Integration Cert.